Providing Specialist Peyronie’s Treatment’s – Including “Focused Shockwave Therapy.

New cutting edge treatment from Storz Medical – changing the lives of thousands of men!

How Do Shock Waves Work?

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‘Shock Wave Therapy’ for Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease and so much more! But How Does it all Work?

We Are Specialists In ‘Focused Shock Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease & Pelvic Pain Syndrome. Shock Wave’s Regenerate Healthy Cells & Tissue In Areas Where Treatment Is Focused. Shock Waves Can Also Be Focused In Areas To Break Down Plaque & Scarring Which Causes Peyronie’s Disease. 

It’s Exciting New Therapy And Life Changing Treatment…

York Therapy Centre is delighted to offer this new and ‘Game Changing Technology’ – ‘Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Treatment’ it’s changing the lives of thousands of men all over the World.

Men of all ages are benefiting from these technologies, from young men, all the way through to some older men in their 90’s.

Our treatment plans are tailored to individual needs, from performance enhancement, through to sufferers from chronic and long-term erectile problems.


How Does Shock Wave Therapy Work?

See video on the right for more details about how it works…


This video link explains E.D. & Shock Wave Therapy; A must watch for all men.

American E.D. Specialist, Mr Alex Tatem.

He takes the words right out of my mouth and explains ‘everything’ (even the machine we use) perfectly.

The same process, care and therapy, here at our Treatment Centre here in the UK!

York Therapy Centre

Shock Wave Treatment is a series of ‘Directed Acoustic Sonic Shock Waves of Sonic Sound, which are aimed or can be focused into areas of the body. These Sonic Shock Waves create ‘Micro-Trauma within the tissue’ which stimulates and promotes healing, regeneration and natural repair to damaged tissue, or where required.

It is thought that the Acoustic Sonic Shock waves stimulate the body’s own automatic healing system in the area where Shock Wave Therapy is being used, ‘kick-starting the body’s own natural healing capabilities’ to regenerate tissues (including generation of new blood vessels and blood vessel repair).

Shock Wave Therapy was first designed, and later seen to break up kidney stones in the 1980’s without the need for general anaesthetic or any invasive surgery whatsoever. Its success and further development have led to the ‘Focused Shorz Duolith SD 1 T-Top Ultra, Shock Wave Therapy Machine,’ specifically made for illness where a focused sound wave can be applied. This is a great asset, not only for breaking down plaque and scar tissue, which is the root cause of Peyronie’s Disease, but also for thousands of other symptoms too, including breaking down scar tissue, stretch marks and other specific injuries or physical trauma sites especially damaged to tissue. 

Examples of its uses are enormous, but are literally ‘life changing’ to sufferer’s of Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, or Prostatitis (Pelvic Pain Syndrome). Just 6, easy and painless Shock Wave Therapy Treatments, can change a mans whole life. This new and exciting technology is a genuine ‘Game Changer’ for many men who previously had no alternative but to undergo irreversible, invasive surgical implants or surgical intervention.  

Shock Wave Therapy is allowing thousands of men to return to sustained, spontaneous erections, which are reinvigorating men’s freedom as they re-discover their confidence, while returning to an active sex life.

Extremely Experienced Consultants And Skilled Practitioners Are Using A Range Of The Latest Treatment From ‘Shorz Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Technologies.’

How do ‘Focused Acoustic Sonic Waves’ Work?

Although the name suggests a form of ‘electric shock’ Focused acoustic shock waves are harmless ‘sonic sound waves.’

It works by delivering ‘focused high intensity acoustic sound shock waves’ to affected internal tissues, which increases blood flow, breaks down deposits of plaque, stimulates the body’s own accelerated healing, while repairing ‘and’ regenerating brand new blood vessels, which ‘fixes the root cause,’ not just the E.D.

Medical Trails and Clinical Facts:

Medical trials revealed that just 6, (20 minute) treatments over three weeks delivered life changing results. 70% of men were delighted to report ‘significant and life changing successes’ allowing a return to ‘spontaneous and sustained penetrative erections’ after receiving simple, painless treatments of ‘Shock Wave Therapy’.

Treatment with ‘Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ for Peyronie’s Disease AND Erectile Dysfunction is extremely easy and non-invasive.

It usually takes just six treatments (two per week – for three weeks) each treatment only takes 20 minutes.

There are no side effects, treatment is completely private and confidential. It is completely painless, while proven to be extremely effective in medical trials, and frequently gives you a new future and your whole life back!

Call our Senior Specialist Consultant Mr A. Wood, to arrange a free and private initial consultation by phone or in the Therapy Centre Clinic.

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Treatment limitations.

We offer a range of treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.). Our expertise extends to Psychological and Physical Therapies including the new and exciting ‘Shorz Duolith SD 1, (Focused Shock Wave Therapy Machine) which is changing the lives of so many Men with Erectile Disorders and Peyronie’s Disease all over the World.

70% of men with E.D. will see successful benefits from treatment with Shock Wave Therapy. However, this is dependent on normal neurological pathways being intact, allowing messages from the brain to travel down the spinal cord to reach all neurological systems of the physical erectile function. 25% to 30% of E.D. sufferers who have an interrupted or broken neurological pathway between the brain and erectile function, will not benefit from Shock Wave Treatments because the signals from the brain are simply not reaching the desired erectile function. This broken pathway may be caused by paralysis or surgical intervention for Cancers, etc. Current trials using Shock Wave Therapy ‘immediately after’ prostrate surgery or prostrate removal are looking hopeful so far… but we will have to wait for the final medical results to draw any of the incredibly positive conclusions we are already seeing from part way through the trials.

What Causes E.D.?

For 70% of men, there are many causes for E.D. Ageing associated causes are the biggest but E.D. will affect many men of all ages. E.D. root causes are numerous, ranging from vascular degeneration to bad habits such as smoking, drinking or bad diet, to medical conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure problems, through to anxiety, stress and other psychological causes. Early stages of E.D. often lead to a dependency on ‘blue pill’s‘ and increased psychological stimulation including pornography. Medical trials are producing successful experiences and some incredible results from ’Shock Wave Therapy for E.D.’. These results speak for themselves and explain a large increasing number of men attending our ‘York Therapy Centre’ from far and wide. Our Specialist Consultant Therapist (Mr A. Wood) has decades of experience in E.D. therapy, which only adds to our patients benefits, when combined with ‘Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy. Other Treatments for the best possible results may include function exercises and medical diet information if required. 

50% of men between the ages of 40 to 70 suffer anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, low self-esteem, headaches and many other psychological illnesses, simply because they suffer from the anxiety caused by Erectile Dysfunction. New technological advances in Shock Wave Treatment for physical cause E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease is an exciting ‘game changer’ for urologists and E.D. sufferers all over the World and it’s making the cure of E.D. easy, painless, affordable and quick. Many men mistakenly believe their E.D. cannot be helped or they feel too embarrassed to seek help. “Today’s technology means that almost ALL E.D. can be fixed”. Don’t allow yourself to suffer in silence, nor waste one more day. Getting your sex life back gives you your whole life back too, from your confidence to your family and your relationships. Life changing ‘Successful Treatment’ using Shock Wave Therapy, will not break the bank and brings a positive change to your whole outlook, life, and your future!


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